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ACC 556 Chapter 7 Quiz (100% Score)

ACC 556 Chapter 7 Quiz (100% Score)

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Chapter 7 Quiz

Question 1


The most important element of the fraud triangle is rationalization.

Question 2


Requiring employees to take vacations is a weakness in the system of internal controls because it does not promote operational efficiency.

Question 3


Under an effective system of internal control, errors occur only as a result of fraud or dishonesty.

Question 4


Control over cash disbursements is improved if major expenditures are paid by check.

Question 5


Cash equivalents are highly liquid investments that can be converted into a specific amount of cash.

Question 6


Which of the following is not one of the main factors that contribute to fraudulent activity?

Question 7


Under the concept of establishment of responsibility, how many people should have the ultimate responsibility?

Question 8


A consequence of separation of duties is that

Question 9


In large companies, the independent internal verification procedure is often assigned to

Question 10


Sam’s Grocery Store has the following policy. ‘Only one cashier can have access to a cash drawer.’ Which internal control principle supports this policy?

Question 11


Supervisors counting cash receipts daily is an example of

Question 12


Blank checks

Question 13


All of the following are true regarding bank statements except

Question 14


Which of the following would be added to the balance per bank on a bank reconciliation?

Question 15


Notification by the bank that a deposited customer check was returned NSF requires that the company make the following adjusting entry:

Question 16


Clark Company developed the following reconciling information in preparing its September bank reconciliation:
Cash balance per bank, 9/30                               $30,800
Note receivable collected by bank                         16,800
Outstanding checks                                               25,200
Deposits in transit                                                  12,600
Bank service charge                                                   210
NSF check                                                               3,360
Using the above information, determine the cash balance per books (before adjustments) for the Clark Company.

Question 17


Of the following employees, who should prepare the bank reconciliation?

Question 18


In the month of May, Lopat Company Inc. wrote checks in the amount of $55,500. In June, checks in the amount of $75,948 were written. In May, $50,808 of these checks were presented to the bank for payment, and $65,298 in June. What is the amount of outstanding checks at the end of May?

Question 19


All of the following are true regarding the management and monitoring of cash except

Question 20


Match the items below by entering the appropriate code letter in the space provided.


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